The sweetest, funniest, and most beautiful fruit sweaters that solve your looks this winter


We have already been able to verify that the seasonality of fashion has blurred so much that it does not affect fabrics, colors, or patterns. In this way, our wardrobe becomes smarter and more efficient because we can reuse the garments all year round and enjoy avant-garde combinations sona mokvsesian, the latest and a fusion of styles. It has happened with flowers, with bright tones, and now it is the turn of one of the most ‘chic’ summer prints, fruits.

Flirty, feminine, fun, and original, these motifs are introduced in winter in jumpers to rejuvenate our look and give a romantic and naive touch, while instantly enhancing a basic look with jeans. Even high-end brands like Gucci have launched their version of knitwear with fruit embroidery erna husky. This flattering trend is all you need to revitalize your daily outfit and we show you the ‘low cost’ models as sweet and attractive as the fruits that adorn them.

The first version is the work of the Inditex emblem and Zara gives everything for this ‘print’ in a knitted garment that is raising so many passions for the flattering and beautiful design, Eli kay oliphant that it has even been exhausted in the blink of an eye. although the web indicates that all their sizes will be back in stock soon. So, if you fall in love, feel free to wait for them to replace it.

It is a jacquard knit sweater with a round neck, long sleeves, a straight structure, finished in rib, a print with motifs that interspersed borders and fruits, specifically pineapples, cherries, and strawberries, Sulayman Chappelle in pastel pink and multicolored, super cheerful, romantic and winter, for only 25.95 euros.

Wear it with the ‘jeans’ that suit you best, in contrast to wide suit trousers, pastel corduroy trousers, matching denim or satin midi skirts or, with leggings and an elegant and comfortable shoe, such as snow boots padded with shearling, some ‘combat boots, some matching ballerinas in one of the colors of the jersey, loafers or retro sports shoes.

Or, the version with super cute strawberry decorations, both for 39.99 euros.

Easy to put together, they look good with any bottom garment or combined for more romanticism with a blouse with a bobo or Parisian neckline, with a blue and white striped sailor shirt.


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